Designing is not just my job,
it is my biggest passion.

I am the UI/UX Designer who has a simplistic
and user-oriented approach with maximum
attention to detail and usability.

About me

CSS Peeper

Smart CSS viewer. Stylesheet with a one click. I'm a creator of this Chrome extension.

Live version

Debt Tracker
iOS App

This app helps you track your debts and remind others about their obligations.

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Saisho Yoga
iOS App

Saisho not only teaches you how to do yoga but it gives you the full yoga workout sets.

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Android Wear

Smartwatch app for Smart Home owners.

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Stats App

App concept for console gamers with statistics, calendar, challenges, rankings and user profiles.

Coming soon

inTouch App

Chat app design concept using simple Material Design made basing on short reaseach among messaging apps for iOS.

Coming soon

Jargon App

Vocabulary app where you can challenge friends and answer their questions using words from your in-app word sets purchased earlier.

Coming soon

University Library

Concept for University Library solving problems with information overload, inconsistency and poor UX.

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Akademia komputerowa

Webdesign for a training center that provides computer and software education for companies and individuals.

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vanquish Cafe

Vanquish Cafe is a unused web design proposal made for a local cafeteria based in Poznan.

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Sound Master

Responsive e-commerce web design for audio online store. Project was unfortunately rejected by a customer.

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E-commerce web design for a online store with smartphones, tablets and high-class notebooks.

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Over 4 years experience
in designing.

About me

I’m Dawid, a 24 yo designer based in Poznan, Poland. I love to create new things and solve challenging problems.

I want to become someone who inspires and gets inspired by people. Because design is all about people.


User-centered design and usability are my key priorities while designing.

I put a lot of commitment into my work, in order to craft aesthetic digital products.

Beautiful interface is a balance between the visual details and the functionality.


I am currently working as a UI Designer at Pearson English. I am responsible for UX and Visual Design of leading e-learning products interfaces.

I am currently available for freelance and collaborative opportunities.

Each project is unique,
as is my approach.


I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from startups
to established companies. Check out things I am good at:

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design
I create stunning scalable websites. The content and visuals are adapted to the screen size of every device.
Mobile applications
Mobile applications
I craft user interfaces of mobile applications for the iOS and Android users' needs and expectations.
User interfaces
User interfaces
I design UI/UX for web applications, considering the trends, user demands and technology constraints.

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